Planning a vacation this year? In addition to the criterion you typically use to select a destination, we suggest letting flowers be your guide. The fact is, some of the world’s most beautiful and enchanting rose gardens are worth a visit, so much so that it’s wise to plan a trip around them and the times of year they’re in bloom. (Of course, to enjoy their lavish scent locally, abroad and whenever the mood strikes, there’s Jurlique’s Rose Body Cream.)

Australia, Araluen Botanic Park
This pretty park contains many rare roses such as Climbing Comtesse de Labarthe and Lorraine Lee. September and April are the best times to experience their spring and autumn flushes.

Belgium, Hex Castle
This French-style garden received the World Federation of Roses Garden Award for its impressive global variety, including Adèle Courtoisé and Rösel Dasch. January is a great month to see many of these in bloom.

Bermuda, Bermuda Rose Society Repository Garden
This 18th-century property is home to 85 species, many of them heritage roses. Visit from October through May to view the garden in its glory.

Happy travels and smooth, supple skin? It would seem as though everything is coming up roses in 2013!


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