Rich, dark colors can certainly make a space feel cozy, warm and chic, but without enough ceiling height or natural light, they are also liable to turn your surroundings drab. So what’s the solution? Brightening up doesn’t necessarily mean having to retool your whole color scheme. Instead, take your home (and your mood) from dreary to cheery with just a few illuminating strategies.

For starters, think about the relationship of your mirrors and lamps. Placing a task light in front of a wall mirror, for example, would cause the light to be reflected, thus doubling the wattage of your bulb. To that end, consider creating a focal wall with light-reflecting wallpaper. Many intriguing styles feature foil-stamped embellishments and metallic backgrounds. You can also invest in dazzling furniture pieces and accessories, like a vanity table or tissue box cover, made entirely of mirrored surfaces. Finally, consider giving your floors a tweak. Whitewashing them for a cool industrial effect could work wonders, or try light-colored area rugs, like fluffy white flokatis instead.

Once you’ve shed some light on your living space, give your skin a similar dose of radiance with Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum, a powerful concentrate that reduces the appearance of dark spots and discolorations. After all, it’s important to make light of all situations!


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